City Critter Serenade

by The Rockdoves

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The Rockdoves take a little stroll through NYC and encounter a few city critters along the way.


City Critter Serenade

When you live in New York City
There are lots of critters you might meet
Some may fly or jump or crawl
And some may scurry by your feet
But don’t worry; it’s a BIG city
There’s lots of room for all us

As I was walking down the street
I saw these birds with strange pink feet
With feathers grey, and white, and brown
These birds were making cooing sounds
People fed them, seeds and bread, they ate and ate and and bobbed their heads
Flying low and high above
Someone shouted, “Look, rock doves”
So I moved closer, just a smidgen
To see that all these birds were pigeons

As I was walking through the park
I heard some dogs begin to bark
It was then I noticed over me
A creature hanging from a tree
It was Gray and furry, I watched it jump, from the tree to the ground to a fence, to a stump
Gathering nuts and building a nest
It jumped and ran with so much zest
It looked like a cat, ‘til it’s tail unfurled
It was then I knew it was a squirrel

As I was playing in my house
I saw a critter crawl right past
I t was flat and oval with long antennae
Six legs, and brown, and really fast
It darted left, then darted right, it really gave me quite a fright
I watched it crawl right under my bed
Which made me shiver from my feet to my head
I decided that I would not approach
When I realized it was a cockroach

As I was waiting for the train
I saw this critter on the tracks
It looked like a mouse with a longer tail
It hurried, scurried, forth and back
It had beady eyes, and furry ears, and it traveled with so many peers
It was searching for food through dirt and mess
To bring back to it’s underground nest
My mom screeched, “Stay away from that!”
She knew that creature was a rat


released October 26, 2010



all rights reserved


The Rockdoves Brooklyn, New York

The Rockdoves' mission: to create music with artistry, intelligence, humor, and respect for kids and their families. Their music touches on everything from urban living and nature, to the value of friendship & family, and draws inspiration from folk to the blues to rock ‘n roll. They offer an interactive live performance that delights audiences with its blend of education, comedy and storytelling. ... more

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