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As you might guess from the title, this song is about appreciating the people and things that we have in our lives and how our actions have an impact on those around us. In the busy world we live in, it's easy to lose sight of how lucky we are and how helpful we can be to one another, even in little ways, every day.


c. 2012 The Rockdoves

I was walking to the door with so much stuff, my hands were full
How I’d get through I wasn’t sure, I couldn’t even push or pull
Then you came right up to help and opened the door for me
I was thankful, as thankful as could be

Saying thank you, saying thank you feels so good
And if I could help you with something, you know I would

You were climbing on the jungle gym so high above the ground
You lost your grip, your hands they slipped, and you came tumbling down
I ran over, gave you a hug, and helped you up again
You were thankful, thankful for a friend

Saying thank you, saying thank you feels so good
And if you could help me with something, I know you would

On our masterpiece, we were working side by side
You really knew which hue of blue best befit the sky
You saw the right place on the wall to display our work of beauty
We were thankful; it was there for all to see

Saying thank you, saying thank you feels so good
And if we could help you with something, you know we would


released November 19, 2012
Kim West - vocals
Daniel Cole - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Chuck Thurau - bass
John Csorba - drums



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The Rockdoves Brooklyn, New York

The Rockdoves' mission: to create music with artistry, intelligence, humor, and respect for kids and their families. Their music touches on everything from urban living and nature, to the value of friendship & family, and draws inspiration from folk to the blues to rock ‘n roll. They offer an interactive live performance that delights audiences with its blend of education, comedy and storytelling. ... more

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